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Starting out

It’s 8:30am on day one of my ‘proper business planning day’ (90 minutes after I told myself I would start) and my first big brave step has been to create a blog. I say a blog,  but what this really is, is a diary.

I’m not a good writer, I’m certainly not a great one. I wrote diaries as a child and teenager that were beyond banal to any other reader than one who knows and loves me as well or as much as I do (I think my oldest friend Katy might be the only one who fits into that category) but it was therapeutic at the time and warming to look back and see how far I’d come.

I don’t want this diary to be about my personal life. Already I feel myself wanting to delve into the detail of my ‘tough year’ the breakdown of my marriage and the new woman I am today and how that is going to spur me on to achieve great things in spite of myself, my mistakes and him “like a great phoenix rising from the ashes”. But that would be pointless, egotistical and frankly boring- especially for me.

That said, I’m sure this deep seated urge to ‘go it alone’ stems from some Daddy issue or other, or perhaps from the underdog in me who wasn’t intelligent enough, pretty enough, dedicated enough. But that’s not for now, and not for today.

My position in life is something that has an influence however. I have never been, nor will ever be in a better position to start my own business I don’t think. I am young(ish), ambitious, hard working, full of energy, no dependents, no mortgage, no risk (only to my ego and my savings account) and if and when it all goes wrong and if I decide to pack it in, I have a few jobs behind me that allow me to get back on the career ladder at some stage. Although the thought of that fills me with dread.

So my plan for day one:

  • Write down all my business ideas and pick a handful (2-3) to explore this week
  • Research what is currently on offer in the market, what they charge, how they look/operate. Could I do it better/cheaper?
  • Research different business models for me (freelance/self employed, setting up a business)
  • Make a list of all the influential people I know who might/could help or who might work with me

Wish me luck!


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